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Our administration team is also multi-national and, in addition to German, we speak a further 16 languages fluently.

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Leadership team

Mario Stefan

Owner, Managing Director
Mario was born in Bad Aibling, is married to a Bengali woman and is the father of a young son. As an entrepreneur in the fields of education, film & media and gastronomy, he builds bridges between people of different cultures. In this spirit, he continues the Integra Deutschinstitut founded by his father Ioan Stefan as a family business.

Carmen Mรผller

Team Leader
Carmen has been with Integra since July 2018. She studied business administration at LMU Munich and has professional experience working for corporations in commercial sales Eastern Europe and in leadership roles in project controlling and after sales for international corporations. She has also worked as a lecturer for businessand leadership and enjoys her work with international teams and customers.

Lokman Sfouk

Operations Manager, Exam Coordination, Teacher
Lokman joined Integra in April 2022 and is responsible for the coordination of our exam centre. He is an Enlgish teacher and is looking to qualify as a German teacher having recently taken his C1.

Controlling and Finance

Zubair Azim

Zubair comes from Pakistan. At Integra he is responsible for the accounting and does everything that has to do with payments. He speaks Pashtu, Punjabi, English and German.

Navruz Usmonov

Junior Marketing Manager
Navruz has been working at Integra since 2020 and was a student intern before taking up his current position as Junior Marketing Manager. He is responsible for our social media presence as well as other advertising campaigns and speaks German, Uzbek, English, Russian and Turkish.

Course and exam administration

Anetta Kitti Dohi

Course Management (Business language courses)
Anetta also joined Integra in November 2023. She does a diverse range of tasks in the areas of customer consulting, course management and she is a contact person for professional purposes related German courses. She speaks Hungarian, German and English.

Melissa De-Bortoli

Course Management, Administration
Melissa joined the Integra in May 2023. She is responsible for course consulting and course management - in special for the area of integration courses. Her mother tongue is Italian and she speaks German, English, Spanish, Slovak and Czech fluently and a little Russian and Turkish.

Rusul Al-Taie

Working Student, Administration
Rusul was born in Baghdad (Iraq) and came to Germany in 2007. Through his work as a teacher, her father introduced her to us at Integra. She has been working with us since 2016, first as an exam invigilator and since 2019 as a student intern at reception and in our course administration team. She speaks German, Arabic and English.

Robert Steinbinder

Kursmanagement, Administration
Robert joined Integra in 2023. He is responsible for course registration and customer service. He speaks Hungarian, German and English.

Svetlana Ryaboshapko

Course Registration, Administration
Svetlana joined us in March 2023. She works in course registration and also does customer support. She speaks German and Russian.

Sรผmeyye Divrik

Reception, Administration
Sรผmeyye was born in Munich. She has been working at reception at Integra since July 2023. She loves being able to help people from different countries. She speaks German, Turkish and English.

Pedagogical management

Adisa Pusina-Bowen

Pedagogy, Teacher
Adisa works as a social pedagogue at Integra. She also teaches the integration and basic literacy (alphabet) courses. She speaks Bosnian, Arabic, English and German.

Alexander Kaysers

Course Design, Pedagogy, Teacher
As an teacher and educator, Alex is the point of contact for all our students' academic questions and concerns. He also provides learning support to students in our government-funded language courses and, of course, also teaches a variety of classes at Integra. Alex is from the beautiful Rhineland and speaks German, English and a little French.

Pronita Stefan

Head of Day Care Center
Pronita was born in Calcutta and has been living in Germany for 17 years. She is an entrepreneur and mother of a German-Indian son. As an educational specialist, she runs Humpty Dumpty International Crรจche, which she founded, and opened an Italian restaurant in 2019. She speaks German, English, Bengali and Hindi.

Facilities management and IT

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