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Many of our teachers have been with us for over 10 years

At Integra, our management, the administrative team and our teaching staff work closely together – we are one big Integra family. We regularly organize course leader meetings, social events such as Christmas dinners, summer parties and other events to promote German in everyday life. Furthermore, it is also important for us that our students get to know typical German cultural traits and we organize suitable events to introduce elements of German culture.

In team-teaching with a native speaker teacher and a non-native speaker teacher, we support our students at every level. Since most of our teachers have also experienced the difficulties of learning German as a foreign language, they can empathize with the situation of the participants and thus support them appropriately.

The heart of Integra


Carlotta Allegri

Instructor since: 2016

Alexander Kaysers_dozent

Instructor since: 2018

Lilia Bock

Instructor since: 2010

Salima Nurdavletova

Instructor since: 2010

Sofiya Galcheva

Instructor since: 2018

Christine Brückner

Instructor since: 2015

Catering for all language levels

Whether you are a beginner, advanced or native speaker, our team can add that little extra to any level.

You want to share your love of the German language with others? Join our teaching team!

Integra has been providing language courses for 30 years and we know that our teachers are at the heart of our success. Therefore, we employ lecturers on a long-term basis and are always on the lookout for new talent. Apply now!